Picky Courtois

Picky is a visionary.

Always on the lookout for change, Picky created a collaborative and sustainable scheme
focused on representing top personalities from the culinary, cocktail and wine worlds.

Through 20 years of work in model management, and with a deep knowledge
Propelled by keen experience, 20 years’ running a modelling agency under his belt and a fountain of knowledge honed from the fashion and advertising industries, as well as from global media, he conceived Studio Courtois.

Picky has collaborated with leading organisations, celebrities, artists and colleagues from five continents during his career.
Journalist and former television producer, in 2000 he founded Civiles,
an agency that turned the reality of model representation upside down.

After training as a booker in Paris and Milan, he imposed the Argentine aesthetic
When hired as a scouter by Dior, he discovered talents who starred in time and time again
the shows and campaigns of the French maison.

A serial entrepreneur, he was recognised as one of the top 250 influencers by Trends in Latin America.
During that time frame, brought together a network of production companies dedicated to advertising in Latin America.
Later added celebrities to his staff, representing leading figures from the worlds of Music, Acting and Lifestyle.

From his time in journalism and television, Picky developed a very clear understanding
of how a news story is built and, from that, what’s needed to ensure
the widest circulation when communicating an idea.

Because he’s based in Buenos Aires and Paris, Picky regularly enjoys the pleasures of the world,
fusing his passions for travel and the good life, dining at the best restaurants and enjoying the finest wines.