Renato 'Tato' Giovannoni is the epitome of the modern international bartender. Born on Argentina's Atlantic Coast and mastermind of Florería Atlántico in Buenos Aires, in 2020 he was named the World's Best Bartender by his colleagues at World's 50 Best Bars.

After working in his father's restaurants, bars and nightclubs in Pinamar throughout his formative years, from all three disciplines - serving food, bartending, and club management - he decided to make drinking his métier. His budding star was recognized early and he went on to represent Argentina on a global stage, quickly developing his own line of spirits and mixers, and putting his own maritime touch on everything he produced.

Based in Rio de Janeiro with his family, in recent times Giovannoni has traveled the world and participated in guest turns, pop-ups and masterclasses.
At the helm of his multi-award winning Florería Atlántico, No. 5 on The World's 50 Best Bar list, he returns to Argentina every year to host Festival Atlántico, an event that brings together the world's leading bartenders to talk about Environmental Awareness and Sustainability in the midst of stunning natural landscapes.